101 Things to Do with Your Children

29 September 2020

Activities for Kids... created by Kids

It's the weekend. The kids are looking at you; you're looking at them. There’s boredom in their eyes, striking fear in your heart. Tears are a highly probable end - from both sides.

This mission is not impossible. We're here to save the day with indoor and outdoor activities, experiments, games, tips, crafts, and so much more. It’s assembled for kids, by kids, and therefore, eye-roll proof.

Should you accept, you must abide by a single rule - have fun!

Prepare to claim your rightful title as ‘Best Parent Ever’.

Since COVID-19 became an issue what seems like forever ago, parents have been looking for things to do with their kids. After all, we have all been very limited in the places that we can go and the people that we see.

It may surprise you that there are so many different things to do, in fact, that we had to put them into this huge list. Best of all, these are things to do with your kids no matter the age, from toddlers to teenagers. Just because we are in quarantine does not mean that we have to be isolated from those in our home. Here are 100 (and a few more) things to do with your kids while in quarantine.

Sock Dodgeball

Activity #1

Sock Dodgeball (Ages 4-10)

We all know the classic game with the big red ball. This home version is mostly the same, but the ball is rolled up socks instead! Go with clean pairs if you can and roll them up into balls. You can split the room into two sections, one for each team, and put the socks in the middle. All that’s left is to say “go” and enjoy the fun!

Kitchen Science

Activity #2

Kitchen Science (All Ages)

While it is important to have fun during times like these, it is also important that your kids learn, too. Science is a particularly interesting subject and you don’t need a big lab to teach properly. You can have the kids explore the food items in the house and even perform some cool experiments. Anything from rock candy crystals to the carbonation in soda can be turned into experiments.

Virtual Reality Pictionary

Activity #3

Virtual Reality Pictionary (Ages 14+)

Pictionary is a classic game that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Now there is also a virtual reality version of the game. If you have an Oculus VR headset at home, you can unleash your inner creativity by painting in a 3D space.

Playing Minecraft with Your Kids

Activity #4

Playing Minecraft with Your Kids (6+)

This activity is just like playing with LEGO® building blocks, except you don't have to clean up afterwards! Minecraft remains one of the most popular games on the planet. While it is generally seen as a kids’ game, it can be a thing to do with the entire family.

Classic Pictionary

Activity #5

Classic Pictionary (10+)

If the VR version of the game isn’t quite what you were looking for, classic Pictionary can provide just as much fun. This game is similar to charades, only you draw the clues instead of acting them out. Things can get silly quickly, resulting in hours of laughter and fun.

Make Your Own Cookie Recipe

Activity #6

Make Your Own Cookie Recipe (6+)

Not only is baking cookies something to do with your family, it can result in some creativity, too. Instead of cooking up chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies, make your own flavour combination. Coming up with a new recipe can lead to fun stories to share on its creation.

Invent a Card Game

Activity #7

Invent a Card Game (6+)

Similar to the cookie idea, one thing to do is start making up card games instead of just playing the classics. While the classics are fun, you can add some tweaks or make a game from scratch. This not only allows for time to be spent together, but the creative juices can really get flowing, too.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Activity #8

Indoor Treasure Hunt (3+)

For younger kids, taking part in egg hunts can make for a very fun time. So, what better way to recreate that experience than with a treasure hunt inside your house? Hide little treasures like candy, new toys, or even video games for the kids to find.


Photo Roulette

Activity #9

Mobile App: Photo Roulette (15+)

Photo roulette is a mobile app where users guess which user the photo belongs to. If you're worried about privacy, the app gives you the option to select photos that you feel comfortable sharing from your camera roll. With a simple access code, you can share in the hilarity with anyone you choose. It is simple to use and leads to a lot of fun for everyone with a smartphone or tablet.

More Mobile Apps We Highly Recommend

Mobile App Publisher Ages Number of Players Time to Play
Kids Craft Ideas Divisity 3+ 1 or more Varies per activity
Draw It Kwalee Ltd 4+ 2-4 1 min per round
Exploding Kittens Exploding Kittens 7+ 2-5 15 mins
Crossy Road Hipster Whale™ 8+ 1-4 2-10 hours (main story)
Asphalt 8:Airboure Gameloft 10+ 1-8 12 hours (main story)
Clash of Clans Supercell 10+ 1 or more 28 hours (main story)

Camping Out

Activity #10

Camping Out (8+)

Camping out is a fun experience for the entire family. Even with campgrounds closed, you don’t have to miss out. Throw a tent up in the garage or in the backyard. You can enjoy all of the things to do while camping, but you have easily accessible showers and internet to go with it.

Nerf Battle

Activity #11

Nerf Battle (6+)

At some point or another, we have all played war. Whether finger guns, plastic guns, or video games were used, it is something we can all relate to. Setting up bases and using pillows for sheets can lead to a total free-for-all of endless fun right in your own home.


Activity #12

Woodworking (10+)

Bonding with our kids is important. One of the great things to do with kids is to take on a hands-on project. Building something like a shelf or a birdhouse is a great way to teach them valuable skills while spending time together.

Parachutes on Action Figures

Activity #13

Parachutes on Action Figures (6+)

Playing war can take on all different shapes and sizes. With some plastic bags or fabrics, you can create parachutes for the kids’ toys, giving them the opportunity to fly down from on high and into the battle. Gives “playing war” a whole different look and feel that kids will love.

Playing Tag

Activity #14

Tag (All Ages)

A classic is a classic for a reason. While it can be fun to implement certain toys into the mix, sometimes all you need is a little bit of energy. Running around and playing this classic game is one of those things to do with your kids that can be done on a total whim. Best do it outside for safety’s sake, though.

Cook S’mores

Activity #15

Cook S’mores (6+)

Camping can be fun, but all you really need is the fire and all the fixings to get to the fun part: making s’mores. Spend time around the fire with family and snack on these delicious, chocolate and marshmallow treats.

Make Your Own Cola

Activity #16

Make Your Own Cola (8+)

When you break it down, cola has some pretty interesting ingredients. Instead of simply opening the fridge and grabbing a bottle, try making some with the kids. It can make for a neat science experiment and give you a better idea of what is in that fizzy, carbonated treat.

Make Slime

Activity #17

Make Slime (4+)

Who doesn’t love a little bit of slime in their life? There are so many things to do with it, too. You can shape it, press it onto objects to make the slime take that shape, and so much more. All you need is some borax and school glue (glitter and food colouring is optional) to make your own.

Hallway Laser Maze

Activity #18

Hallway Laser Maze (4+)

All you need is masking tape and paper streamers. You simply tape the paper streamers between two walls, creating a zig-zag pattern or maze that your kids can work their way through. It should sort of resemble the lasers you see in spy movies.

Marshmallow and Toothpick Structures

Activity #19

Marshmallow and Toothpick Structures (4+)

Building is one of the things to do with your kids that can be both teachable and fun. Making a plethora of structures can keep them occupied for hours. Best of all, there are plenty of sweet treats to be had when all the building is done for the day.

Mouse Trap Cars

Activity #20

Mouse Trap Cars (6+)

Creating things is easy to do and can be done in a number of different ways. For instance, all you need is a mousetrap to create a simple yet effective car. There are even instructions online that show you how to make different versions. Just be careful not to get a finger snapped.

Balloon Darts

Activity #21

Balloon Darts (6+)

All you need are balloons and some darts. Fill the balloons up, either with water or shredded paper. Next, pin them to a wall and set different points. All that’s left is to step back and let ‘em fly. See who can hit the most balloons, awarding points for each one. This one is probably best done outdoors.

Slip n' Slide

Activity #22

Slip n’ Slide (4+)

Another great outdoor activity that has been providing amusement for decades. The slip n’ slide is simple: it is a long, plastic runway that you cover in water. Get a running start and see how far you can go! Great for hot summer days where cooling off is a must.

Make Your Own Pasta

Activity #23

Make Your Own Pasta (4+)

There are far too many of us that came into adulthood with no discernable cooking skills. Pass some valuable food learning on to your kids by teaching them to make pasta from scratch. It might not be the fanciest meal ever, but it is a cool skill and allows you to spend time with your kids.

Learn to Code

Activity #24

Learn to Code (10+)

Having skills in the online world is now become a prerequisite instead of a nice skill to have. Learning alongside your kids not only gives them a potentially valuable career skill, it gives you another feather in your cap.

Man Tracker

Activity #25

Man Tracker (8+)

The objective? Get the finish line safely without being tagged. If you are looking for a little more suspense when it comes to things to do with your kids, this is it. Avoiding capture sounds easy but it can take a lot of skill and cunning. Most of all, it makes for a fun game that can take up an afternoon.

Set up an Obstacle Course

Activity #26

Set up an Obstacle Course (4+)

The best thing about this is you can make it anything you want. Puzzles, mini-games, physical obstacles, and more. Just remember to keep some kind of reward or prize at the end of everything (candy should do the trick).

Fly a Drone

Activity #27

Fly a Drone (14+)

Drones are growing in popularity as a hobby and with good reason. They take the fun of flying a kite and ramp it up exponentially. Of all the things to do with your kids, few can feel as epic as flying a drone and exploring the area from new heights. Our favourite drone to fly is the Propel X09 Maximum because it is easy to fly, safe and it is under $30.


Make a Box Fort

Activity #28

Make a Box Fort (All Ages)

Sometimes all you need is your imagination and a couple of simple tools. With a few cardboard boxes, you can create an epic fort that would make Fort Knox blush. Protect your homestead against the oncoming siege with as many (or as few) walls as you need).

Make a Pinata

Activity #29

Make a Pinata (4+)

Pinatas make for a fun time at birthday parties, but why limit it to just those occasions? One of the most fun things to do is to create a cute pinata before smashing it to bits. Best of all, you can create any kind of creature that you want.

Buy Some Bath Bombs

Activity #30

Buy Some Bath Bombs (Any Ages)

For the youngsters in the home, bath time is a necessity. But instead of feeling like a chore, you can make it a fun and interesting time. Get a bath bomb to change the colour, add some bubbles, and generally add some fun to the bath time experience.

Take Up Pottery

Activity #31

Take Up Pottery (6+)

Pottery is one of those hobbies where you can truly become immersed and get creative. With kids, you should foster that creativity. They can make whatever their heart and mind desire, reaching the very edges of their imagination.

Bike Rides

Activity #32

Bike Rides (6+)

Though quarantines are in effect, that doesn’t mean that going outside is off the table. Being in a large open area is fine and riding bikes down some trails or even down the street can be a fun activity. And like some of the other things to do with your kids, you can get creative: have races, take on jumps, and more.  

Homemade Ice Cream

Activity #33

Homemade Ice Cream (All Ages)

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Sweet, delicious, and cold, it makes for a great treat especially on a hot summer day. So, why not get creative and make some instead of simply going to the store? That means spending time with the kids and being able to come up with new and interesting flavors, too.

Board/Card Games

Activity #34

Board/Card Games (All Ages)

There are so many different classic board games out there that you would be hard-pressed to run out of games to play even if you just played them once. Both Uno and Monopoly have been known to get heated a time or two, which can make board games one of the things that you do with your kids on a regular basis.

Best Board/Card Games for Kids of All Ages

We thought we would dig a little deeper on the board games we like to play. These are not your average Walmart board games, but ones that will keep you coming back for more. These games are loved by our kids and we hope yours will love them too!

Board Game Ages Number of Players Time to Play
Loopin' Louie 4+ 2-4 10 mins
Spot it! 4+ 2-8 15 min
Spinderella 5+ 2-4 20 mins
Catan: Junior 5+ 2-4 30 mins
Wits and Wagers Family 6+ 3-10 players 20 mins
Exploding Kittens 7+ 2-5 15 mins
Carcassonne 7+ 2-5 30-35 mins
Azul 8+ 2-4 30-45 mins
Ticket to Ride 8+ 2-5 30-60 mins
Coup 10+ 2-6 15 mins
Codenames 10+ 2-8 15-60 mins
The Quacks of Quedlinburg 10+ 2-4 45 mins

Go to the Playground

Activity #35

Go to the Playground (4+)

This can be a bit tricky with the outbreak of COVID-19, but if you know your local park isn’t busy, it can make for a great destination for the kids. They can run, jump, climb, and let their imagination run wild while you enjoy the view from a nearby bench.


Activity #36

Gardening (4+)

Now more than ever, people are turning to their own yards to grow vegetables, fruits, and spices. After all, if you like something enough, what better than being able to go out back and pick it fresh from the garden? Showing your kids how to garden can be fun and informative.

Go to the Zoo

Activity #37

Go to the Zoo (All Ages)

This is another one that can be somewhat tricky due to COVID and the area you live in. But if you have the chance, take your kids out to the zoo. They can see all of the animals from their kids books in living color and get a better appreciation for the size (and smell) of their favorites.

Drawing and Painting

Activity #38

Drawing and Painting (All Ages)

When it comes to expressing creativity, there is sometimes nothing better than simply having a canvas or piece of paper and going to town. There are many things to do with your kids that will foster creativity and drawing/painting is near the top of the list.

Press Flowers

Activity #39

Press Flowers (4+)

Flowers are beautiful to look at and sometimes it can be fun to record all of the wonderful colors that you have seen. Pressing the flowers allows you to preserve them in a book or use them later in arts and crafts should you want to do that.

Private Pool Party

Activity #40

Private Pool Party (6+)

During the summertime especially, a pool party can be great for cooling off and having a great time. It is probably a good idea to let the neighborhood stay at home but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast splashing around with your kids.

Backyard Campfire

Activity #41

Campfire (All Ages)

Sometimes all you need is a roaring fire out in the backyard to create a special occasion. While it may be more fun to invite friends over, sitting around the fire with your kids can be just as much fun. You can even incorporate the s’mores mentioned earlier to make a truly spectacular occasion.

Volunteering and Donating

Activity #42

Volunteering and Donating (10+)

Another item on the list that has become challenging depending on where you live thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. There are still some organizations that allow volunteers to continue contributing so long as a mask and proper precautions are involved. In any event, this is a great way to get involved and help the community. You can also donate toys and clothes your kids have outgrown as a way to declutter and help others during this time.

Go on a Picnic

Activity #43

Go on a Picnic (All Ages)

While it would generally be more fun to head to a park or a campground to have a picnic, why can’t you have one in the comfort of your backyard? All you need is a basket, some delicious food, and the company of your family.

Local Market Events

Activity #44

Local Market Events (All Ages)

Your local market isn’t just a place to buy the freshest food, it can be a place to enjoy great new events and meet people in the community. Call your market or, if they have one, check their website for any upcoming events they might be holding.

Video Games

Activity #45

Video Games (All Ages)

Now more than ever, video games are a popular way to enjoy your free time. Best of all, video games can involve the entire family, allowing you to spend time on your kids’ level and see the things that they enjoy doing.


Activity #46

Sports (6+)

Sports are popular across the world. They not only get kids physically active but teach important values like hard work and teamwork. Even if there are no leagues around, you can get out into the backyard and get your kids moving, creating a fun game in the blink of an eye.


Activity #47

Skating/Rollerblading (6+)

Whether on ice or pavement, there are so many different games that you can play with a pair of skates on your feet. Races, tricks, jumps, hockey, and so many more options that you can spend days finding new and creative ways to implement skating.

Lawn Bowling or Bocce Ball

Activity #48

Lawn Bowling or Bocce Ball (6+)

These are games that you can actually bring home with you. Pick up a cheap set at a toy or dollar store, set ‘em up and knock ‘em down. Compete with your kids to see who can get the best scores, spending an afternoon knocking down pins and sharing laughs.


Activity #49

Sewing (8+)

While this may seem boring to some kids, it can be a fun little craft to pick up and a valuable skill as well. Create something of your own or fix up old clothing that has a few rips and holes in them. A fun activity that gets greater longevity out of your clothes is a win-win.

Visiting Family

Activity #50

Visiting Family (All Ages)

So long as all proper precautions have been taken, you can still get together and spend time with family in the right setting. Meet at a park or hang out in their backyard to spend some quality time together. Enjoy games and conversations with those that mean the most to you.

Go to the Museum

Activity #51

Go to the Museum (3+)

While it is important to have fun with your kids, it is also important to have learning moments. Taking them to the museum presents the opportunity for them to learn while seeing cool pieces of history up close and personal.

Water Park/Water Fight

Activity #52

Water Park/Water Fight (3+)

When the weather flips warm, it can be refreshing and relaxing to cool off. Getting to a water park is harder these days, but you can get the same wet fun by having a water fight in the backyard. Implementing water guns, balloons, and more to turn it into an all-out soaked war.

Pillow Fort

Activity #53

Pillow Fort (3+)

Building a fort in general is a lot of fun. If you don’t have cardboard boxes available, pillows can do the trick in a pinch. Even better, the pillows can double as shields should the invaders breach the walls and challenge you for supremacy.

Rock Climbing

Activity #54

Rock Climbing (7+)

Though there are local establishments that offer rock climbing, they may not be available in times like these. It is important to note that if you partake in the real thing, come prepared and be as safe as you can. Partaking in rock climbing can be fun and exhilarating to participate in, though.

Go to an Aquarium

Activity #55

Go to an Aquarium (All Ages)

Much like going to the museum, it can be a fun learning experience to go to the aquarium. Let your kids see the vibrant, beautiful fish and experience things like dolphins and sharks up close and personal. Aquariums offer so many different activities that it can eat up a whole day experiencing it all.


Activity #56

Carnivals (All Ages)

We might be seeing them less than we normally do, but a carnival can make for a fun-filled escape. With games and food available, you can spend an entire day doing everything that there is. Plus, it is so much fun to win a major prize to bring home.

Go to a Restaurant

Activity #57

Go to a Restaurant (All Ages)

Spending time with the kids doesn’t have to be this all-day, crazy endeavor. Head out to a favorite restaurant or check out a new spot, trying new cuisines along the way. It isn’t a major investment and you can go where you want on a whim.

Go on a Nature Walk

Activity #58

Go on a Nature Walk (All Ages)

Sometimes all you need to do is get outdoors and let the rest happen naturally. Going on a nature walk is a great way to stay active while also experiencing the sights and sounds that your area has to offer. Point out bugs and animals, get some sunshine, and spend quality time with your kids with a nature walk.

Snow Forts and Snowmen

Activity #59

Snow Forts and Snowmen (6+)

When the weather turns cold, people tend to stay indoors a lot more. But no one can deny the amount of fun that can be had by heading out into the yard and building a snow fort or snowman. Get as detailed as you want, creating a masterpiece out of the ice and snow.

Head to the Candy Store

Activity #60

Head to the Candy Store (All Ages)

One thing that children universally enjoy is candy. You can use it as a reward for performing a chore or getting a good grade or even for a fun game. Go to the candy store and let the kids pick out the treats that they have had their eyes on.

Laser Tag

Activity #61

Laser Tag (8+)

Get the competitive juices flowing and bring out your best war face with a fun game of laser tag. Playing on the same team or against your kids can inspire some friendly competition and show you who the greatest warrior in the family is.

Rent a Giant Hamster Bal

Activity #62

Rent a Giant Hamster Ball (6+)

These have gained popularity in recent years and for good reason: they are a ton of fun. Rent a huge hamster ball and watch your kids run like crazy all across the yard. It makes for a unique experience that your kids will talk about for a long time to come.


Activity #63

LEGO® (5+)

Legos have been around for decades but have risen in popularity because of adults who grew up with them. There are so many different kits available featuring globally beloved characters from Ninja Turtles to Harry Potter. Pick a set and get to work building it with your kids, making for one of the more enjoyable things to do with your kids.

Read a Story

Activity #64

Read a Story (0-5)

If you’re looking to give bedtime a little bit of a shakeup, try picking out a story to read. It will feed your kids’ imaginations and make for the kinds of memories that parents cherish. The older your child, the more comprehensive the story can be. Life with a Baby

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Driveway Chalk

Activity #65

Driveway Chalk (4+)

There are creative things to do that doesn’t mean being restricted to a piece of paper. Why not take it to a much larger canvas like the driveway or sidewalk? With chalk, your kids can create masterpieces in the driveway, create games like tick-tack-toe, and so much more.

Get a Trampoline

Activity #66

Get a Trampoline (8+)

It doesn’t matter how old the kid (or adult, for that matter): jumping on a trampoline is insanely fun. Perhaps you can give your kids the chance to bounce around, do flips, and generally have a blast on their very own trampoline. It’s a great way to burn off that pent up energy and enjoy the laughter of your kids for hours.


Activity #67

Tubing (6+)

Summertime is all about finding fun ways to beat the heat. While it is fun to enjoy time in your pool, getting out onto a lake or river to enjoy some tubing is an experience you just can’t get at home. Make games to see who can hang on the longest or do the coolest trick for hours of wet, cool fun.


Activity #68

Sledding (6+)

In the same vein as tubing, you can get out and enjoy your time instead of being cooped up inside. Find a nearby hill and enjoy the feeling of racing down it over and over again. Just make sure everyone is properly bundled and you will be set for hours of fun.

Paper Mache

Activity #69

Paper Mache/Origami (6+)

Getting your craft on is a fun and versatile activity. Paper mache is something that is easy to do and highly creative. Get explorative and make something off the top of your head, letting your kids do the same. See what you come up with at the end of the day.

Supersized Art

Activity #70

Supersized Art (3+)

Art projects can be a lot of fun. But what’s even more fun is to take that same art project and supersize it. Instead of drawing something on a piece of paper, create a canvas of 10 pieces of paper. You can create a massive canvas out of just about anything and create life-sized art.

Paint a Room

Activity #71

Paint a Room (5+)

Maybe you’ve been looking to make an aesthetic change to your home and wanted to start out by painting a room. Don’t do it yourself; turn it into a fun family activity. Give each child a brush and everyone can pick a wall. It makes for a fun activity and can shorten the amount of time it takes substantially.

Play a .io Game

Activity #72

Play a .io Game (6+)

With hundreds of games to choose from online that are designed for kids, you will find that hours have passed in no time. Games are a fun way to keep the kids busy for an afternoon, allowing them to keep their minds and imaginations sharp.


Rubber Band Target Practice

Activity #73

Rubber Band Target Practice (4+)

While it may be fun to break out a B.B. or paint gun, not all of us have those accessible. So, why not make use of household items. With some rubber bands as ammo and sticky notes as targets, you and the kids can practice your sharpshooting anywhere in the house in no time. Be sure to put safety glasses on!


Activity #74

Camouflage (6+)

Very similar to hide and seek, this one has some tweaks. The finder doesn’t actually move; the hiders must move closer each time the finder closes their eyes, camouflaging themselves in the process. The last one to be found is then the finder in the next round.

Capture the Flag

Activity #75

Capture the Flag (6+)

Bring tactical warfare to your home! Set up the house as a battlefield and wage war to see who can capture the other team’s flag. You’ll find yourself making strategies with the kids to get the flag and get out of dodge, back to the base.

Crayon Art Projects

Activity #76

Crayon Art Projects (5+)

Melted crayon art is a fun and simple project that most kids (and adults) will enjoy. You'll be surprised by the beautiful art you can create using old, broken crayons.

Make Your Own Soft Drink

Activity #77

Make Your Own Soft Drink (7+)

Being cooped up due to COVID-19 can be a bit maddening. So, why not make things interesting and start to get creative? If you like soft drinks, you can create your own with a soda maker or some carbonated water. You can even go the extra mile and start to sell it if you really dig the taste.

Carve a Watermelon

Activity #78

Carve a Watermelon (6+)

Carving a pumpkin is something everyone has done before. But what about carving a watermelon? Watermelons make for a huge canvas and you can get truly creative and interesting with the things that you can carve into them.

Create a Language

Activity #79

Create a Language (6+)

Learning a new language is cool but what about creating your own language? Come up with your own alphabet and language and you’ll be able to communicate with your kids in ways that only you will understand.

Make a Wax Candle

Activity #80

Make a Wax Candle (4+)

Having a candle burning can create a wonderful smell and a relaxing ambiance. But creating your own candle is easy, too. There are wax kits available and your kids can get hands-on making their own different scents.


Activity #81

Geocaching (All Ages)

Geocaching is very similar to an outdoor activity like treasure hunts. All that you need to do is download a free geocaching app to see if there are any hidden treasures in the area around you. It makes for a unique take on hidden treasure hunting.


Activity #82

Rafting (12+)

Getting out onto the local river can make for a fun time. For the teens in your life, getting into a raft and enjoying the raging rapids can make for an exhilarating experience that leaves your adrenaline running on high.

Go to the Dog Park

Activity #83

Go to the Dog Park (Older Kids)

Everyone loves dogs, so what better afternoon activity than heading to the local dog park with Fido? Keep in mind that this might not be the best idea for younger kids since the dogs can get a little excited and accidentally knock down the smaller kids.

Catch Minnows

Activity #84

Go Fishing/Catch Minnows (All Ages)

Getting outdoors is a good idea in general but just being near the water is sometimes not enough. Even if you only have a river or pond near you, it makes for a good opportunity to spend some time catching minnows and other small critters.

Make Your Own Movie

Activity #85

Make Your Own Movie (All Ages)

If it seems like the majority of movies coming out are boring, disinteresting, or just bad, why not take things into your own hands and make your own? Smartphones have such high-quality cameras these days that making your own movie is as easy as it gets.

BB Gun Target Practice

Activity #86

BB Gun Target Practice (Older-Teens)

It helps to have a BB gun to do this one but creating a unique target practice is easy as it gets. You can even print targets from various sites online and glue them to some cardboard or foam. This gives your older kids a fun activity and can hone their aim.

Book an Escape Room

Activity #87

Book an Escape Room (12+)

These are hard to find open due to the pandemic outbreak but getting an escape room can make for a truly great adventure. Look for clues and plan your escape before time runs out. Makes for a cool adventure with teens looking for some excitement.

Dinner Theatre

Activity #88

Dinner Theatre (6+)

What better way to celebrate a memorable occasion than by having a night filled with great food and even better performances. Giving younger kids a truly special night out is something that they will remember for a long time to come. Be sure to practice safe distancing!

Horseback Riding

Activity #89

Horseback Riding (3+)

Young kids often dream of being an astronaut, a police officer, or a firefighter. But there are many that happen to want to be a cowboy or cowgirl. Make their dreams come true by taking them on a horseback ride. The best thing is that there are camps that start with kids as young as 3.

Visit an Antique Store

Activity #90

Visit an Antique Store (All Ages)

It is cool to see new, flashy toys but what can be cooler is giving your kids an idea of things that were popular when you were young and even before that. An antique store can reveal new treasures to your kids that they had no idea existed.

Netflix and Chill

Activity #91

Netflix and Chill (All Ages)

Every once in a while, we just want to sit back, relax, and binge some television. Netflix has created a platform with endless hours of entertainment. Through on the pajamas, pop up some popcorn, and enjoy your time on Netflix.

Book a Local Flight

Activity #92

Book a Local Flight (6+)

No, we’re not talking about buying a ticket and heading to the airport. There are local pilots in most areas that offer aerial tours that can be a lot of fun. If your children have never been in a plane before, it can be a unique way to introduce them to the concept.

Make Your Own Haunted House

Activity #93

Make Your Own Haunted House (8+)

Going to a haunted house, particularly around Halloween time, can be a great way to spend time with the family and get some cheap thrills. But creating your own can be a cool experience. Get all the décor you need to create your own spooky scene and enjoy the thrills that follow.

Science Centre

Activity #94

Science Centre (All Ages)

Give the learning experience a little bit of a shakeup by taking your kids to the science centre. Doing this means they get an upfront experience to the different aspects of science, learning and interacting all the same. It can spark an interest in the subject that may have been previously unexplored.

Recreation Centre

Activity #95

Recreation Centre (All Ages)

Rec centres are a great place for families to get active and have some fun. Most rec centres will have swimming pools, a gym, a basketball court, and even a space for skating. Anything that your kids feel like doing, they can likely do it at a rec centre.

Pet Shopping

Activity #96

Pet Shopping (All Ages)

This can be a great thing if the family has been thinking about getting a pet. Look into the different kinds of pets that are options (this can depend on the ages of your kids) so that you are well-informed before bringing an animal into your home. Still, there is nothing like that first day of bringing home a new furry friend.

Thrift Store Shopping

Activity #97

Thrift Store Shopping (All Ages)

Getting something brand-new is always fun, but there is no retail thrill quite like finding a steal. Shopping at a thrift store can be a really fun time in that you can find some hidden treasures for prices that would never be found in retail. You may find some classic board games or older video games to try out. Used sports equipment, clothing for dress-up, fishing gear, and magnifying glasses are just a few things to discover.

Take a Class Together

Activity #98

Take a Class Together (Most Ages)

Involvement in a new experience means learning and having fun together. Taking a class together provides a plethora of options that you can choose from. From art class to swimming, karate to cooking, there is no doubt something that will tickle your fancy and make for an interesting experience.

Burn Your Name into Wood with a Magnifying Glass

Activity #99

Burn Your Name into Wood with a Magnifying Glass (9+)

First, stencil out your name on a piece of wood. Then, focus the sun’s rays through the magnifying glass all along the outline that you have created. Before you know it, you will have your name burnt into the wood making for a cool, amateur art project.

Hide and Seek in the Dark

Activity #100

Hide and Seek in the Dark (All Ages)

Hide and seek is fun, but what about if you added a new element to the experience? Turn all the lights off and implement some flashlights and hide-and-seek will never be the same. Ramp up the thrills and make every find a boost of adrenaline. And to really get some hearts pounding, be sure to play some scary music in the background.

Make a Tree Fort

Activity #101

Make a Tree Fort (6+)

Having a tree fort in the backyard is every kid’s dream. It is an escape for them, a place to hang out, talk to friends, and just do whatever they want. Best of all, you can make it a project to do with them, too. When the product is finished, you can sit back and enjoy your hard work as they spend a ton of time in it.