Colette Fortin Discusses Money Problems in Relationships on Money Matters

08 February 2022

Colette Fortin Rogers TV Recently, Colette Fortin sat down with Doug Jones of Money Matter on Rogers TV. During her time with Jones, she discussed the impact that financial matters can have on a relationship. Money problems in relationships are far from uncommon. Money problems can leave impacts that have a ripple effect into all corners of the relationship.

The video can be found here:

During her time with Doug Jones, Colette discusses all of the factors in which money problems in relationships can come into effect. There are a few in particular which are of the most importance in this discussion.

Power Imbalances Cause Money Problems in Relationships

In any relationship, there is a balance of power. For some relationships, that power can become imbalanced when one party controls finances or financial decisions. One of the major reasons for strife in relationships and divorce is because of a lack of control or power from one part.

While we think money problems in relationships generally pertain to not having enough money, that isn’t necessarily the case. For instance, when one party tries to control the money or the financial decisions, it can cause strife as well.

The Importance of Separation Agreements

What ultimately leads to contention in divorces are disagreements about financial obligations and division of assets. Depending on the separation, tensions can run high and coming to a decision on joint matters can prove seemingly impossible.

A separation agreement puts any agreements into writing. Whether it be about financial matters, division of property, co-parenting obligations, or something else entirely, it is important to have a separation agreement in place.

Colette discusses the separation agreement and the role it can play in these financial battles. The goal of Money Matters with Doug Jones is to help viewers move forward financially. More specifically, those currently going through a separation have that goal in mind as well.

Providing Help with Money Problems in Relationships

Colette Fortin and the experts at the Waterloo Wellington Fairway location are here to help. They have the knowledge and experience to help separating couples work through their financial issues to come to a mutual agreement.

Separating can be difficult enough without having to worry about the litany of issues that can follow. Call Colette and her team today to get started on the path towards resolution.