Spring Cleaning Your Life After Divorce

26 March 2019

Taping a BoxSpring cleaning is the time of year when thousands of people go through their homes and purge those belongings they don’t need. But it is also to clear some room and de-clutter their home for a new season. Doing this can help to refresh and rejuvenate the hearts and minds of those partaking. Divorce can be a time for spring cleaning, too.

Perhaps you have recently experienced a divorce and are wondering what to do with things that your ex-spouse left behind. Things that might be sitting under the crawlspace, in your photo drawer, or taking up storage space.

It may not be clear to someone who doesn’t know that these items could still hold sentimental value after a divorce. But you know more than anyone that these items can bring back painful memories, creating a bit of a barrier from moving forward.

Spring cleaning can take on a greater meaning

The premise of spring cleaning can have a quite literal meaning in the wake of a divorce. Not only are you clearing out the clutter in your house, but you are also clearing out the clutter of your mind. This exercise helps to heal your heart. It also breaks down those barriers as well as emotional attachments to a pre-divorce life that no longer exists.

Moving forward takes time. There will come a time you are finally ready to rip off the metaphorical band-aid. You can rid yourself of these possessions that remind you of a time long gone. It needs to be done in a pragmatic way that will benefit your path towards healing.

Tips for spring cleaning after divorce

Pawnshops, Craig’s List, Kijiji, eBay – If you are going to get rid of things from your past, why not make a few bucks off of it? Perhaps you are hanging onto items that held not only sentimental value, but actual monetary value. Use your past to your financial advantage 

Burn it – There are definitely those out there who go from 0-60 in a metaphorical sense, and this is a great example of this. The literal burning (safely) of goods that you don’t want in your life any more can lead to relief. And it can also be a lifting of a burden that you might have been feeling.

Salvation Army/Charity – Another common route to go is to make good use of the materials that you no longer have need for. Give them to those who are in need. It will feel good to purge these items and give yourself peace of mind.

Garage Sale – This is in the same vein as the first item on the list, and you can make a little bit of money as part of the therapy process. You can have fun with it and treat it as a way to celebrate your path towards the future.

Think of Your Kids

It might not be something that you think about in the moment, but there may be items that hold sentimental value to your children. Sit down and talk to them about what they might want and send the rest down whatever path you find best.

It doesn’t actually have to be springtime for you to do a little bit of spring cleaning in your life. You can cleanse your heart, your mind, your soul, and your home all in one fell swoop. Move past those pieces of relationship memorabilia that inhabit your home. Put them to better use and move towards the future.